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  • Infinity Name bracelet
  • Infinity Name bracelet
Infinity Name bracelet
$59.90 $29.95
You Save:  $29.95 (50%)
Thickness: 1.1mm / 0.04"
Measurements: 14mm x 35mm / 0.55" x 1.37"
Everyone loves our classic Infinity Name Necklace, and now you will love our Infinity Name Bracelet! This  infinity symbol can include up to two names or words on each loop of the infinity symbol. This is the perfect personalized infinity bracelet to wear. Get your name and your significant other on this name bracelet. You can also get the names of best friends, inspirational words, children, or anything else you can think of. 

Please allow up to 10-15 business days

Please note that the time frame mentioned above includes production time.

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